About Surecare Homoepathy

Hard working & dedicated team of Physicians, comprehensive & unconventional treatment solutions, quality medicine, transparency of results, complements of satisfaction from the patients are the pillars of SureCare Homoeopathy.

The Physicians at SureCare have had the experience and honor of working with one of the most renowned Homoeopathic chain of clinics in India. After gaining experience and treating various difficult cases they have developed to a full pledged systematic Homoeopathic treatment for Acute and Chronic diseases. The Physicians at SureCare give treatment to patients at par with International Standards with more qualitative treatment.

Some of the methods followed at SureCare :


Introducing Comprehensive & international standard case taking & analyzing systems.



Conducting fortnightly verification and discussions about each case by the panel of senior Doctors to enhance the success rate in every aspect.


Usage blister packing to retain the purity & efficacy of medicines for a longer time, to help patient to consume the medicines conveniently


Providing the patients with courier services in case they miss their appointments with the doctors. Facilities to courier medicine world over if the patient is residing abroad.


The centre is fully computerized for patient  database, case taking & analyzing.


Dispensing the drugs that are prepared and imported from Germany.


Use of the best quality globules for dispensation of medicines.


SureCare takes utmost care for the patients follow up. SureCare developed a system wherein each patient is sent a reminder a day prior and on the day of his appointment.

SureCare Social responsibility

At SureCare the team of doctors have been actively working in the field of promoting the benefits of using Homoeopathy treatment, and also serving the down trodden and underprivileged group of people of the society. Surecare Doctors regularly conducting mega homoeopathic health camps, where patients are treated absolutely free.

S- Safe
U- Unmatched, unique
R- Results
E- Every time
C- Comprehensive
A- Affordable
R- Reliable
E- Effective treatment

Homoeopathy is all about treating & annihilating diseased body & mind in the safest, most harmless & fastest way possible. This is what is practiced  at SureCare centre. The detailed case history of a person is taken with the help of case taking and analyzing tools. Then analyze his/her genetic constitution, after discussing the case with the team of doctors who prescribe medicines which fits/suits his constitution, in relieving the person from his/her illness.

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