What is Frequent cold ?

Frequent cold which includes allergic cold, viral cold, etc. is a major cause of human discomfort and loss of human hours in the world. Colds being the most common of the ailments that the humanity suffers from, it is called common cold!


Never dangerous per se, common colds cause physical discomfort with annoying symptoms such as running of the nose, blocked nose, throat irritation, fever, congestive headache, etc. with a tendency to develop chest congestion in those who are prone to it. Exposure to cold temperate, cold drinks-food, etc are known to precipitate the cold by lowering the temperature of the respiratory passage, encouraging the virus and bacteria to grow. Viruses of different strains are the major cause. Allergic cold may be due to pollen, dust, hay, etc. It is the body tendency and sensitivity that makes one prone to frequent colds of any nature. In that sense, common cold is not a local disease of the nose but that of the whole system, the immunological system.

Suggestion about homoeopathic treatment:

While treating patients who have frequent colds, homoeopathy looks at it as a constitutional disease that requiring wholesome treatment with an in-depth case study. Homoeopathic treatment is extremely effective to treat frequent attacks of colds in all age groups. Homoeopathy is very strongly suggested for all sorts of colds and coryza.